I Gave It To Man Near My House

Thankfully I see a bench inviting, empty, a haven for a girl like me, a girl alone. So I walk confidently There's nobody about at all and I dare to sit down, and cross my legs showing them to no one but me. I pick up my purse take out my cigarettes looks good in my fingers long scarlet nails, someone comes! Thay is YOU, young, tall, well-built sit down , give me the once-over, reach over with your lighter I lean over. I light up smile a 'thank you'
Who are you seeing? Or rather what? A tarted up tranny Or a tart?
You look straight at me "Hi there. do you come here often?"
I inhale, not too deeply, I have to reply "No, I'm new round here." and say no more. You look at me again. You actually blush a little "I thought so. I'd have remembered someone like you if I'd seen you around." You ask why I am there? I answer, in truth, just came to rest for a while I had better go home "It's not safe, a girl like you, walking alone, at night, there might be danger."
You said 'girl'!
You are going to offer I can tell, I've been there But SURELY YOU KNOW I begin to shake a little like any tranny I like to think I look sexy, convincing, look good, but I'm Not THAT good.
You do, you ask me Should you walk me home? It would be safe, If I don't mind your asking Hope you are not too forward But an attractive girl like me shouldn't be alone in the night
Attractive girl? Have I fooled you? What do you think of me? I don't care! Thank you, I mutter, that's very kind. I feel gorgeous. We walk out side-by-side
I turn and head for home. You are walking and chatting Don’t you know? Do you? My ‘between-my-leg ‘ secret. I don't care The best accessory for a tranny not a handbag, scarf, necklace, wig, make-up, tight skirt, tight basque – No, a man!
We walk steadily along. You are been chatting me up, telling me about your job Surely you can't really - I must look a sight to him, albeit a sexy one – Fancy me?
We turn into my road, I see trouble ahead, boys, maybe four of them walking towards us. I move closer to him automatically You reach towards me, holds my hand, squeezes it gently, reassuringly, You takes 'possession'.
As we approach them you put an arm round me. I feel you caress my arse I am overwhelmed with emotions we pass the drunken louts they call out after us
"Go for it, man, give her a good seeing to, screw her to death!"
I walk on with him, still holding hands, firmly now You turn towards a house, "Er - would you like to come in for a while maybe, for a drink or something?"
But dare I?
Now I know who you are the new couple moved in about three weeks ago She's an attractive fair woman You work in the city, Drives an up-market BMW I've not met you - her husband - yet, not 'in real life',
I try to stay calm keep my voice gentle hoping to keep the 'femme' lilt SURELY you must know yet maybe I AM that good But you are a near-neighbour We're bound to meet socially My one chance to make it with a man, to BE myself, to BE a woman Surely not.
But I have to do it, to smile at you sweetly to say "Yes, thank you." to walk up to your front door still holding hands We stand together while you unlock the door, and move to one side to let me in. You walk past me as you enter, ask me to sit down. I sit on the leather sofa cross my legs, My skirt rides up, I tug the hem down desperately to hide my embarrassment - and my stocking tops, does you think me a tart? You are smiling. Offers me a drink You bring it, with your scotch sits on the sofa beside me. I am STILL not sure. In fact I know damn well I shouldn't be here not provocatively dressed like this, acting this way, very nearly flirting with a man
You move closer to me I’m breathing heavily now. You leans over to me Kisses my neck! Puts your hand on my thigh! "I have to say it, I don't even know your name, and you look sensational."
Do I blush at this? I don't know, my make-up is quite thick Not too much I hope "I'm ------." I say realizing you might spot a lie my skirt moves up. You stare at my legs, "Hi dear, you really do have the most gorgeous figure."
I am taken aback I wanted some fun tonight to flaunt myself to walk in the dark to act and feel female to enjoy the bouncing boobs the flashing heels as I strutted
Maybe at most to arouse a man who briefly glimpsed me or walked past me But not this.

You slide your pants off to give me access. I look down, open-mouthed then use my open mouth I lean right over you and envelop your bulging, shiny, purple ****-head with my red lips. Your hand grips my arse, sliding and grasping my panties. Then sliding downwards towards imminent danger I want to go on and on. But I am suddenly worried about your reaction if...I stand up, shakily, the drink and the lustful emotion having their effects Smile coquettishly "I'll be back soon darling."
I walk into the kitchen Pick up the bottle there Pour another drink, thinking 'You are a real ****, you know that.'
You are still VERY erect I stare at your aroused manhood You know I'm teasing you that I am at the stage where I can't resist you whatever that means.
I half-finish my drink move over to you again bend over and kiss you hard Then slide my glossy red lips down your ****. I go into attack mode working it hard with my lips teasing it with my tongue, feeling it swell, tasting pre-*** as it oozes into my mouth.
I feel it hit my throat, relishing the sensation; Your gorgeous hot **** erupts into action violent powerful action *** spurts over my tongue juicy liquid in my mouth
Pressure forcing it down my throat, I feel its heat, its stickiness your climax. I swallow it down neat Feel it sinking down my throat You my lover are moaning now
Expressing your feelings. I slide my lips off from you looking up as I taste every little drop of sticky, milky love-juice from your now-subsiding member tastes so good.. You are smiling, happy, I have satisfied you, satisfied a man, MY man, and pleasured you. in a way I had only imagined
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