A Good Friend And A ******* - Bisexual

I'm a bisexual femme male more into women than men. The only guys I like are transexual or femme (flaming gay). A gay friend and me went to a movie (Unfaithful with Diane Lane and Richard Gere) together just as friends. He's a crying romantic. I am sometimes. He's always tried to get me into bed, knowing what I was before I did. He's also cute. Women love him but he's not into *****.

Anyway, the film had nudes in it and he saw I had gotten a hard on. He reached over and stroked me through my pants. I didn't resist so he pulled up the seat divider and went down on me. A few minutes later and I came and he swallowed it all as Diane Lane got ****** in the bathroom (scene).

So, I did the same in return to him. He's clean and drug free. He's about six inches and medium thing. Cut. I just mouthed it and moved up and down softly. After a little bit, I got better and stopped to lick the glands every so often. I started grating my teeth on it on the up stroke and after the third time hitting his glands with my teeth, he exploded in my mouth. Luckily, I got all of it and swallowed it. I was nervous, but he said I gave a really good blow once I calmed down.

He said, "Thanks, sweetie. That was good."

It was my first *******. I basically just did what women did to me. It really is that easy. I don't want one in my ***, but blowing is fun. I knew then why all my ex-gfs loved to do it. And, yeah, it ain't a quality ******* without swallowing.
lalliek lalliek
36-40, M
Jan 16, 2013