*** Junkie 2

I love to kneel down in front of a guy and slowly pull down his pants and see his **** already getting hard in his underware,when they wear any.Then rub his **** in his shorts and slowly start working them down exposing a little of his **** at a time,licking what I can see of it. When it's a new **** ,I love the anticipation of how big a **** is in there ! I slip the head into my lips and inch the shaft into my mouth ,listening to him groan. I deep throat him a few times and then swirl my tongue around the head and shaft as I suck it in and out of my mouth. I'll stroke him with my hand as I suck one ball at a time into my mouth and give each one a workout with my tongue. I love to give a big mushroom head a real good sucking and licking and then start to really get down to buisness. I feel his **** gettig harder and harder as I bob my mouth up and down on his ****. Sometimes they will start to **** my face and I know they will be getting close soon.I am playing with their balls with my hand and sucking on the hard as steel **** working on getting that *** into my mouth. Soon he is moaning and I feel his **** swell as *** shoots into my mouth,swelling with each shot of *** as it comes out of his ****. After he is done and pulls out of my mouth, I squeeze and pump his **** to get any remaining *** out of him,licking it up as it oozes out .Big ***** and big loads are the best . I have a regular that stops every Friday to get a blo-job.He says his wife doesn't like to give head.I spend a good half hour sucking and licking his **** and get rewarded with a huge amount of *** for me to swallow.Sometimes we cut it close,I know my wife has passed him on the road in front of our house as he is leaving and she is coming home early. I have kissed her with the taste of his *** still on my lips. She has never said anything but get a puzzled look on her face once in awhile.

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I need to *** to Florida

Right, the most important is to share !

Oh YES! I wish I had someone who would do that for me on a regular basis. The only thing is that I'd expect to be allowed to reciprocate as "payment."