Have Only Done It Once.

I was 12 years old and had a 16 year old freind who spent the night at my house a lot. He looked much older than 16 so he was able to by us beer all the time (18 was the age limit then). We got drunk and watched a "movie" (wink, one of THOSE kind!). We were going to bed when he asked me if I would give him a blow job.

All I said was, "will you tell anyone if I do?" He said he wouldn't so I crawled onto the bed he was on (I had a trundle bed so he was sleeping in the trundle right next to my bed). I got between his legs and pulled his penis out of his underwear. It was REALLY big! I wrapped my hand around it and just kinda looked at it for a little bit. Then I just put it in my mouth and started to do what I thought was natural. I don't really think I was any good at it though because he kept asking me to use my hand. I REALLY didn't want to. I wanted to give him a blow job, NOT a hand job so I wrapped my hand around it and then went lower with my mouth and sucked on his testicles. First one and then the other. I licked him for a long time too! But I really wanted his thing back in my mouth so that's where it went.

This sounds like it lasted a long time but it was only 5 minutes or so. I gagged myself and because I had been drinking it caused me to feel sick. I ran to the bathroom and vomited. When I finished, I washed out my mouth so I could go back to giving my friend his blow job but he said he had finished himself off. He seemed really embarassed about it and he didn't say anything else to me until the morning. He said he had had a dream that I gave him a blow job. I was embarrassed about that and all I said was "Really?"

This has never happened since.

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Harold don't you want to try it again?