I Think My Tongue Has Become Very Adept

i have always enjoyed oral sex with women and considered it an important part of foreplay. However, being a sissy and thinking of myself as a woman trapped in a man's body, i had also for a long time wondered what it would be like to give another man a blow job.  i first plucked up the courage to do this some 20 years ago and dressed sexily for the guy in flimsy lingerie, seamed stockings and heels.  He not only had me suck him but who also ****** my ***.  i discovered that i enjoyed both the relationship didn't last and it was then a long time before i found another partner.  i am now slave to a wonderful Mistress who uses my tongue frequently to bring Her to ****** and She praises me for being very good with it.  She also from time to time has me give oral to some of Her male friends and they too seem to enjoy what i am able to do with my mouth and tongue.  So, i have become quite adept at pleasing both male and female partners orally, perhaps because i also enjoy it myself and so have developed a particular skill using my tongue, lips and mouth.
roxiefox roxiefox
56-60, T
Sep 9, 2012