One Of My Favorite Things

In 1999, when chat rooms were very popular, I met a woman in an MSN chatroom. She was in her 40s and had a 19 year old daughter living with her. she told me both of them were usually nude at home. I told her that I, too, usually wore nothing at home. We started flirting and, before you knew it, we were sending photos to each other. She was not the most physically attractive person (about 270 lbs.) but she had a very nice personality. As we lived about 200 miles from each other, I told her I'd like to meet her and, as luck would have it, I was due to pass her way in about two weeks. She offered to have me stay for a night but gave me some "ground rules." I was to be naked the whole time, give her and her daughter as much oral sex as they wanted but I was not to have intercourse with her daughter--only with her. This sounded too good to be true.

I arrived at their house around 10:30 on a Saturday morning. Nancy answered the door in a bathrobe and told me that Kayla (her daughter) was in the shower. She told me that I could join her and led me up to the bathroom where I met her very attractive daughter in the shower. I undressed and joined her. Soon, I was on my knees, licking her from behind. So began a day that I'll always remember.

The day was great. My jaw was sore by the time I went to sleep. I gave both of them oral just as Nancy wanted and VERY frequently. No intercourse with Kayla but she watched her mother and I having sex.

Yes, I'd travel 200 miles to give oral. lol
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Now, if there were a Nobel Prize for Oral, I would do everything I could to win it. And, as far as "oral on command" goes, you really don't have to "command" me.

lucky women

Whoa! Good for you. I am envious, but inspired.