Ejoy Getting and Giveing

I don't why but I have always been into oral sex.

I remember my first love and I only let ourselves have that sexual outlet for years in high school. It started when we were 16 and I went to see her after working at my job flipping burgers on the night shift. Her folks had gone to bed, and we started to make out in the living room, and the next thing I know my head is between her legs. (that's another story though).

Ever since then I love giving a woman pleasure this way. I take my time, and watch to see what she reacts to so I can go back to it again and again. Until she becomes a quivering mass of release feeding me her sweet honey for all my good work.

The other side of the story is just as pleasurable and love for my lover to be oral by nature. I can't ever remember staying with anyone who wasn't.



Farixx Farixx
36-40, M
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

this is a really hot story. Because thats one of my favorite sexual possition. I know he can back up what he says because hes my hubby.