Personally I never liked, I rarely do it to my husband.

Before that when I did it, it wasn’t that good for me (with a few exceptions) I was more of the selfish kind.

All this changed when I meet my bf. I love his body!. I think I enjoy even more than he does. He is a new world to me.

Sopphy Sopphy
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That makes sense a great deal. I think I'm hooked to love :)

Sopphy, as they say sex is ultimate ex<x>pression of love, likewise oral is ultimate ex<x>pression of passionate sex. Oral love is to be discovered in each other when it comes to you, you are hooked. <br />
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Make sense !!?

I tried to send you a pm but now it asks me for a credit card, another reason to leave EP...<br />
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answering your question, I'm married, almost in sexless marriage, and I'm having a long distance affair.<br />
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He is the only guy I had love giving oral. He has a perfect body with a perfect sex. I also enjoy when he does it to me too, but I prefer when I'm in control, and I think he likes it more too.

We can be together every week, or every 2 weeks, but we stay in touch every day, so when we are finally together its crazy!

Hi sopphy, glad to hear that you gotten over it. So how often you give and receive from your bf.

For me its been like a life make over since I'm with him, I just enjoy life more and I guess that reflects in everything.<br />
He haves an amazing body, I like that he always take care of himself with out being selfish, I like his shoulders, his chest, his stomach and his beautiful sex.

It's wonderful when you can turn something you didn't like into something you truly enjoy for yourself and for someone else's sake, it becomes the perfect combination and you have more than one reason to do it.<br />
My question might be off-topic but what is it about your bf or his body that you enjoy more now?