First Time Shopping For Womens Clothes In Public

Today I woke up and decieded I was going to buy some womens clothes in public for the first time. I've bought some panties and other lingerie online before but never actually purchased anything in person before. I thought I would make it interesting and put on a thong and my tightest pair of pants to make it more exciting. I didn't know where to go to look and was defiently to nervous to go to a store like victorias secret, so after a lot of thought I was set on going to goodwill because I didn't think there was going to be a lot of people and mabye only a few employees would be working. It was a half hour before the store was set to close and I finally mustered up enough courage to go in and browse through the womens clothing section with confidence. As I walked in I quickly realized the store was packed! So I walked by the womens section slowly and went to the back of the store where I could scope out the store better. The shoe section was right next to where I was so I went over there and starting looking at all the heels on the shelves and must have walked around the shoe section a hundred times before I actually started picking up heels to check their sizes. At one point I bent over to grab a pair from the bottom shelf and after checking the size I looked over to a women smiling at me with a look that made me feel nervous so I stood up quickly only to realize that my lime green thong was sticking out the back of my pants while i was bent over! I got really red and left that section and started looking at womens jeans which was close to the mens pants section. I was so nervous that my thong was hanging out and with the amount of people in the store I knew I needed to grab something while no one was at the registers and get out. But before I made my exit I wanted to show off my thong once more before leaving as this got me excited as well. So I went back to the shoe section and made sure to bend over right as these two girls (probably in the late twenties) walked by. I didn't look to see if they saw it but this time I made sure it was sticking out with my tight pants pulled down just a bit. As I stood up I looked to the front registers and didnt see anyone near by so I grabbed some heels I knew I was going to buy and walked up to check out. As I was standing there with these six inch gold heels on the counter I started getting super nervous again because people were getting in line behind me and one of them was the first girl who saw my thong! As the cashier was ringing them up I noticed three more employees coming up to help check people out and as I handed my card to the cashier one of the other employees, a female probably 25 walked over and picked up my heels, looked at me and said "nice shoes" drawing a bunch of attention to me. I just smiled finished paying and left. Even though I didn't actually get any clothes I really enjoyed the excitement that came with shopping. I can't wait to do this again sometime, perhaps I will have more courage to actually take my time shopping in the womens section! A great first expierence though!
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My god how wonderful.Girls seem to enjoy us kinksters.Thats why they smile.Probably imagine the fun to tease a femmy guy themselves.Good gossip bit too! I love parading thru thrifts a girdle on my hanger for the smiles and comments. Youre gonna love that lovely girdle ive heard at chk out by next girl. Thankyou miss.- beautiful fun.
Give the gals your trust.Youre no threat and they love the tittilation!

Great story and I can relate to it. I have been buying tights and stockings for years but yesterday I bought my first pair of sexy heels.
I walked into the high heels isle and saw two of the female shop assistants and I could see they were watching me looking at all the sexy heels. I picked a pair up and checked the size and had to go through the shelves. I was feeling a little embarrassed but also exited as I placed them in my basket. I then went into the tights and stockings section and once again another member of staff was there. I picked up a pair of 10 denier sheer tights and looked at the lady who smiled at me. I went to the till to pay feeling incredibly nervous but the lady did not bat an eyelid. What an amazing feeling it was when i got home slipping into the sexy tights and heels knowing they were mine. The thought of those ladies suspecting my secret is lovely.

Fabulous sweetie

Oh the rush I get when I go shopping for women's clothing. I still remember my first time shopping. White heels, stockings and a black skirt. Thanks for sharing.