The Club In St Louis

So I'd heard about this bathhouse in downtown called the Club.  I went to check it out.  After walking around for a while and relaxing in the hot tub, I made my way to a video room.  The room had a catwalk in the middle of it so that you could watch the movies and have someone suck your **** through one of the glory holes.  There were also a couple of booths off to one side in the corner.  I watched the movie for a little bit while this older dude nibbled on my joint from below the catwalk.  Before long, I was ready to blow, but didn't because this adorable asian guy walked in and caught my eye.  He wasn't a tiny skinny twinky thing, he was a big muscular hot asian man.  We met up in the booth to the side.  I immediately started to suck his ****.  He fingered my *** while I was blowing him.  Before long I was sitting on his squat, fat, knob.  He came inside me and then sucked me off.  It was a super hot experience and I'll definitely be going back to the Club!
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Jun 10, 2010