Husband Loses Wood Over Cops

Hey all,

Just recently, me and my husband finally got our sexual mojo back after a long hiatus, and I want to share this story with you, so you can share with me how you guys cope.

We were having a great time. We head out to a neighborhood bar, where my husband, he only had one beer. I finished his second beer. Anyway, we were feeling frisky, and we decided to leave.

We went to a nearby park, (we did not want to go far, since the children were home alone, my eldest was babysitting by still). We parked the car. I was wearing these tight dancers pants with no panties, so it was easy for him to just bend me over, and we did it doggy style, leaning up against the car. It was so much fun.

We then, get back in the car, and we are just sitting there talking, fully clothed. Out of no where, this car comes up like a bat out of hell, and this guy jumps out of the car, (he was a copy) and he shines his light in my face. He then goes to my husband side of the car, and asks for his license and registration, all the while he is barking at me to put my arms down. (I was scratching my arms from all the mosquito bites)

He starts barking at me, "who are you!!!" and I say, "I am his wife" he then takes my husband registration and the cop comes back barking, "the registration is coming up at NOTHING!" and I said, "well, its a company car, my company, and the DMV people probably put it in the system wrong. who the heck knows how that stuff works" The cop just gave me a dirty look. My husband was shaken up, but I wasnt. Me being black, I have a lifetime of being harrassed by the cops and for the most part, they are just pretty stupid. "I be back I will do it under the VIN number" and I said, "whatever you have to do"

I hear the person over the radio saying how its registered to my company. and the cop repeats that.. and I tell him,"yes, thats what I said, its in my company's name, not my husbands".. So then the cop tells my husband to follow his finger, which my husband does. My husband was not drunk. My husband is the biggest boy scout. Besides him having a huge package, and being somewhat a sex addict, (at least he was in our early years, before the children came) he is on the straight an arrow.

The cop finally leaves us alone, and we just drive home. I am still exhilarated, and I am planning our next rendevous. He is all shaken up and pissed off.

Our home is so small, and now that we have two children who can literally hear everything, I hate having sex inside the house, or when they are home. We have no privacy, and I cant relax. I like it when we go out. He doesnt like spending money on hotels and such, which is why we came up with park. I had fun and was on a high, still am.. Bu the is all gun shy now.

My husband was not even driving or anything. Lets say, that he determined my husband to be impaired, could he still take him in? During the court case, I guess I could say that I was actually driving, and when the cop came, he was sitting in the drivers seat.

anyway, just wanted to share.

Where do you guys do it? has anyone ever tried

1) the club
2) a restaurant, (like one of those dark and cozy ones?)

What some of your other ideas?
sediqua22 sediqua22
Jul 13, 2010