I'm Totally Hooked On Rubber Rainwear And Guys Wearing It

I've always had a thing for guys wearing a nice rubber raincoat and grew up having one that was a green cotton on one side and smooth yellow rubber on the other.  I never knew which side was better out (or in for that matter) but loved them both.

I also grew up with another lad who also had a similar rubber raincoat and always lusted after it, well, and him too.  This was a farm community so the opportunities for wearing rainwear doing chores was often so stimulation was everywhere. 

I'm mostly into rubber but the heavyweight PVC raincoats are really nice I'll admit.

Oh, I'd also point out that some of the American shows with guys working on fishing boats are full of shots of guys, a few nice looking ones, in working rainwear - trousers and rainjackets - what a fun place to be!

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4 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Hi - we have a couple of things in common because I love rubber macs too. I have a couple of rubber parka type coats but the fashion for proper rubber mackintoshs seems to have passed - I used to have lots of them.<br />
I also suffer from bed wetting and wrote about what happened to me as a child.<br />
I was put into a girls rubber mackintosh with a hood and belt when I was about 8 years old and had to wear it for 3 years - it caused scraps but felt fantastic I also had a girls school gabadene with a hood which I wore till I was 11 - this was some time ago but still love them.

Indeed as JDWinGA correctly says<br />
<br />
That children rarely wear raincoats now<br />
<br />
I remember part of our school uniform was the school gaberdine raincoat for the colder days of winter and for the showery days in the Summer the old faithful Plastic mac<br />
<br />
Not only children not wearing raincoats but when do you see an adult wearing a sensible mac now<br />
<br />
Saying that I still wear my macs outdoors<br />
<br />
The colder days and I wear my dark blue Trenchcoat...for summer showers my nylon mac<br />
<br />
I am in the minority but do I care...NO<br />
<br />

Hi, You bet! That thing is just part of my collection of rubber urinals. Unfortunatly it's very rare and older but made of nice soft rubber and, unlike the McGuire ones, this has more of a rubber structure that extends under your balls, really holding you nicely. I wish I had more just like it, I'd wear it all the time!<br />
The other thing about this design is that the penis tube or outer sheath extends down at a sharp angle making it ideal for night use in bed or day use under your jeans. The downside is that, even though it's very functional it is upsetting to have your penis forced down, kind of embarassing I guess. At night it's not great when you get an erection and really not good for that during the day! I wear it so I can pee for fun when I want but I like normal urinals because they are great when I want to ********** but this thing make you keep pointed sort of down and makes the mastrubation process a bit more challenging,,, but interesting.<br />
<br />
Oh, and it looks great too.<br />

Sounds nice.<br />
Have to say, I much prefer 'Nylon and plastic only' but your is fun..