I just read, on here, about a High Scholl that had the idea of "dressing as a girl" school day once a year. Sort of a Women's Appreciation Day. The HS girls sent note home to parents that IF they wanted sons to participate and needed clothing the girls at school were donating outfits, as well as makeup and makeovers.
Good idea I thought and wondered if it might also be a good idea to keep this goign year round for wives as well? Especially Halloween and NYE Office parties and such.
A group of women, supporting one another year round with makeup ideas and feminizing tips so you would ave to scramble at the last minute for Halloween outifts.
Anyone with other ideas or similar groups please share and see how many other people would like this?
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8 Responses May 25, 2013

Wow you have so many great ideas. Especially Halloween. I think you could find a lot of willing subjects.

Where do I sign up :-)

I'm all for it! Where can I find these women who would want to feminize me? I do pretty good on my own, but to have help and encouragement from a woman would make it so much more exciting.

i'd love to be feminized by a woman. i beleive woman are superior to men, and women should make men dress and act like women.

There is an old saying. Never judge a man, until you have walked a mile in his shoes. This was meant for men that judged other men in lower level income or status, work or the type of work they do. I believe if this was reversed to, Never judge a Lady until you have walked a mile in her heels, we might just have a different society. If men in general, had to live just one day a month as a lady, they would not take ladies for granted. I also think, men would learn how hard ladies have it sometimes and all the BS they have to put up with from men. This is just generally speaking.

What a stimulating idea. The school 'feminine' appreciation day can be 'adopted' and justified on other accepted Holidays like Mothers day, Valentines day, your dominent GG partner/wifes birthday. For a long time I would feel the freedom to buy on holidays as a CD/TV for 'her' (actually me). So those special days we could dress together for all sorts of in-door and shopping adventures-mmmm like it!

wish i had gone to that H/S

Great Idea Jackie! The More Feminine Men and Boys in the World, the Better Off Everyone will be. A Feminine Male is the Best ones to be around. It is High Time for Women to TAKE the Lead in Society and Feminize as Many Men and Boys as Possible!!!