In all honesty it never crossed my mind. But now that it has well you can figure it out. I most defiantly will want to try it.
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I have a story for you :) pls add me i wanna message you

I'm not adding people at the moment.

Sounds hot to me

You sir. Have scarred me for life.

It's her thing why not try it?

I'm not understanding...

U want to try and role play Harry Potter and I said it's yr thing to the other person let u try it, am I missing something, lol

I understood that part just don't get why it scarred her?

Oh ya me either, I thought she was maybe too young to understand yr question, that did throw me back a bit, I read it a few times and I didn't get it either, lol

She its a bit young but I'm pretty sure she understood my story.

Ya maybe but y is this scary to her? I don't think she understood role play. She's 13

Lol you would be surprised by how much young teens knew about role playing.

You maybe rite I would be surprised, lol

I understand it. Don't worry. I was jet being weird plusmy brain had partially died of exhaustion

Just* plus*
I hatr this kindle

Hate * argh

HAHAHA, ok we were worried there for a monment y would that scarr u , lol, so u understand wat role playing is then, at yr age, wow.

Mhmm and I love to roleplay. The only problem is is many people don't know how to do it or sick it or post really short things and I like to post really long stuff. Also people God mod.

U lov to role paly at yr age, wtf would u role play with and who would u roleplay ?

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I live Harry Potter it is so fun. But then again. I love rolelkagy in general :3


Great, but remember EP is not a roleplay website.

I know that and i wasn't asking for someone to roleplay it with me. Just Simply saying it could be fun.

If you do get it started, let me know. I am a huge fan, I bet I can answer any question you have forgotten about it.

Go for it...& it will be the most original & beautiful thing you may have done in your life...

**waves wand** sounds interesting!!!

*giggles* i know!. But I'm in much need to refresh my memory on the books and movies.

Oh i know what you mean....been ages..... :)

I guess i need to be a good girl and pay my library fines so i can borrow books and movies again. I'm horrible at returning things on time.

Oh don't remind me about library loads....
they will be sending men round soon if i don't pay....rofl
not really...should pay them though... Else i wont bee able to borrow things either...terrible memory for returning books...

Our library its kinda nice about letting you pay little at a time and still borrow books. But their its a few librarians that are mean. I don't owe much on my fee. Here they send a few letters saying i owe money.

I'm just glad I'm not the only one that is terrible at returning things.

I think. I have about £5 owing....not much...but they stop you borrowing if u don't pay promptly...i pay a little off here and there...when i remember...**writes note to self** pop into library some of your fines.....x

*steals markies note to self and uses it as my reminder* lol. I owe $10.00

**tuts** and writes another note...
**giggles**.... $10 is about the same as my £5.. We owe about the funny...

Mine was more than that until i started paying some of it off. I think they charge to much on late fees. :(

Me too... Still i suppose they have to make money somehow....none of our libraries get much funding from the if we want new cds and dvd..then i suppose...its the only way... Not that i borrow much...the occasional cd...a dvd from time to time.. Its still cheaper to borrow a cd and copy it ...rather than purchase it...haven't bought an album in sooooo long.....

i don't know your library dose this or not but ours here If your looking for a book, cd, or movie they will check to see If another one close has it. If they do the library will borrow it for you.

Oh yes .
. They do.. We have about 40 libraries in Essex...and they have a little van that ferries stuffs from one library to another... We even have a online log in we can renew online...and order stuffs...ELAN its called "Essex library automated network"..

I don't think we can do all that online where I'm at. If so I've never been told or found out.

Its great if you suddenly remember you have over due can renew...and stop the fines.... All from the comfort of your home ....hehehe...

We can call in and renew the books but its hard even you can't remember to even do that.

**points to note i wrote for you** must pay library fines...and renew books... I say it alot... Ooops.. A lot... Two words...hehehehe

**points to note i wrote for you** must pay library fines...and renew books... I say it alot... Ooops.. A lot... Two words...hehehehe

Repeating it don't help either. I say I'll do it later and later never comes

Hahahaha.... Oops..never ment to send that twice... My bad..
puts note near telephone...and another at the front door...and another one on your bike....hehehe

Lol might be better to write it on my shopping list.

*grabs shopping list from front of fridge** "GO TO LIBRARY" IN BIG BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS... In red pen...hahahaha....

Lol nice mark. Shouldn't you be reminding yourself also.

Tries to write a little reminder note.. Sees you flying by...ready to grab my new note..

.hides note...forgets about library again....hehhee..

pins not to forhead...
with blu tack...

Lol i won't steal it again.

Leaves notes all over bees house....""library books" ...hehehhehee

Now who is going clean up you're mess you made

Hahahaha. not me ...
**puts up more post it notes everywhere ** xx

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