I Enjoy It

so some nights i enjoy to many drinks,it's all good,still,whatever makes u happy,makes u happy:)
1prettygirl 1prettygirl 36-40, F 4 Responses Jul 30, 2012

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I've always had trouble knowing when to stop. I'm not a mean drunk or anything even close to that, I just have a tendency to slur my words and get too appreciative of those around me. I don't overdo but I do say whats in my heart whether it's appropriate or not. :-)

I'll drink to that...........


This is one of those nights I need too many drinks..

Why hunny?I've had 5 beers,just cuz i'm so bored:(u ok?

I am ok..its just been a rough few days..thanks for asking.!

it's been a rough 3 yrs for me!finally things r turning around,i even lost my house,don't ever give up!

I love Beer!American Beer.Prob tastes like **** to other ppl,however i 've drank it forever.i'm used to it,I don't drink the hard stuff!

Try some American microbrews. They are wonderful.