My Girlfriend's Sissy Husband Is My Maid And Personal Slave

I am a dominant Alpha male and I only date married women who cuckold their husbands.
It's very satisfying to be dating and ******* a sexy , shapely young woman whose wimp husband is never allowed to have her. I prefer that she keep her husband completely chaste ; knowing that he's being sexually frustrated by the gorgeous woman I'm ******* regularly is a tremendous turn on for me. My current girlfriend , Donna , is 29 and has been married for four years. Her wimp husband , Steven , has never ****** her ; they met in college and she let him know right away that she was dating other men and that Steven would only be allowed to please her with his tongue. She keeps him dressed in lingerie and in a wig and makeup when he's not at work , and trained him as a sissy maid and housewife.
When we met through an alternative online dating site , she advertised free maid service to any Alpha male who could satisfy her sexually and would humiliate and degrade her wimp husband. Now I have an obedient sissy to keep my house cleaned , do my laundry and serve me sexually. My sissy maid needs to be punished often , and I keep him docile and obedient with a bamboo cane Donna gave me to use on him. I always give it to him good and I like to beat his *** to work off tension after a long day at work. When I've got his butt good and welted I have him massage my feet for a while ; then he fixes dinner while I relax on the couch. If you are a guy who likes to date married women , I wholeheartedly recommend training your girlfriend's husband as your personal servant - once you've tried it you'll want to have her sissy husband doing your household chores all the time.
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That is excellent sir and a very good use for a sissy maid. You get your housework done, you get pleasure from your girl friend, she gets pleasure from you and the sissy knows she is doing a good useful job