Its A Blessing

I am not a very social type of person but also not alone and quiet type. I have not too many friends but the few I have are my treasure. Now we dont get much time to spend together but whenever we have a get together its wonderful. I have online friends too and they are as precious to me as the ones around me. Having good friends who understand you and stand with you in time of need is a big blessing and I am blessed :)
littlestars littlestars
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7 Responses Dec 14, 2012

nice words.

You are a thinker, and a very spiritual soul............

How you can say that?

Because you speak like that of a philosophical woman or teacher.


are you going to count me :)

I am expecting that :)

Isn't there a quote, "No man is poor who has plenty of friends." If not, there is now :)

Great and inspiring story.

You are a part of my treasure :)

lolz....hope treasure is not going to be stolen by he pirates of the life

congrats that you are bless welll you have more then a friend a brother ..thats me lolz