Confessions Of A Freak

Thursday nights are my **** nights. I watch **** daily, but on Thursdays I watch an exceptionally large amount of it. Usually, I have at least three tabs open. Pornhub, Fapdu, and my favorite **** blog on Tumblr. I love watching the beautiful women bounce up and down and slide back and forth on their partner's piece. I love the looks of pure pleasure of the men's faces when they ******. My favorite thing to do is close my eyes, listen to the moans of ecstasy and play with my pearl until I squirt all over my computer. I got a little carried away there, but you get the point.

A few months ago (on a Thursday) I was particularly naughty. I logged onto Facebook and decided to announce my "horny-ness" to the world. I posted a status saying "Let me be the one you call when it's time to be a freak ;)" I figured most people wouldn't think much of it, considering it's lyrics to a popular song by Rick Ross. In a matter of minutes, that status received dozens of likes. I looked at my phone and say that I had a new message. It was from him. The message was innocent enough, "can i get ur digits? :x" I looked at his profile picture and instantly became excited. He wasn't perfect but he was close to it. Much taller than me, muscular, and had beautiful caramel skin. I gave him my number and anxiously waited for him to call me. It didn't take long, maybe a matter of hours. When I first heard his voice, I got wet. So deep and sexy. He cut right to the chase, telling me what he wanted. I told him he could get it, and than I proceeded to tell him what he would have to do for me first. He told me he'd do everything I asked, plus more. I couldn't wait to hang out with him.

When we finally got the chance to meet up, he embraced me as soon as he saw me. I smiled and told him we should find a room. I grabbed his hand and we navigated our way through the crowded party house. The only available spot in the house was the unfinished basement. There wasn't too much to work with. The only inhabitants of this basement was a rocking chair and a couch that was missing a cushion. We opted for the couch. I smiled and reached for his shorts. When I touched his zipper area, I realized he was already hard as a rock. I laughed, and his face turned red. I told him not to be embarrassed and lead his hand down to my ***** which was already soaking wet. I unzipped his pants and I was suddenly face to face with his *****. I massaged it gently, while I proceeded to put his balls in my mouth. I sucked gently while he grasped my head tightly. I spit all over his **** so it was nice and wet and sucked it like my life depended on it. His fingers were exploring every part of me. I looked up at him and told him how bad I wanted him inside me. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Magnum then handed it to me. I opened the golden wrapper and it felt like Christmas. I put the condom in my mouth and rolled it down his ****, deep throating in the process.

I turned around slowly and told him to spank me. He did as he was told, leaving a huge red hand print on my left *** cheek. When he entered me, I shuttered. My vagina was as wet as could be but his **** could barely fit inside me. He stroked it deep and hard and I screamed. His hands grabbed my hips and then he rested one hand on the bottom of my stomach.

"Oh my god, you're so tight!" he exclaimed as he gripped tight on my stomach, "I can feel myself all the way up in your stomach!"

The combination of his stroking and the words he said to me helped me reach an intense squirting ******. The couch and his body were completely soaked. We both collapsed on the floor gasping for air. We rolled over and smiled at each other. As soon as we caught our breath, we went back upstairs to the party. When he was leaving he hugged me again and said "Call me when it's time to be a freak." I smiled and told him I would. We're still each other's freaks :)
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