Embarassing Confession

I am a submissive, bisexual cuckold to my wife. She completely controls our sex life and has had a married lover for about 10 years. She has a dominate side and we are moth mature adults very much in love. She and her lover usually go out to have sex and my wife has brought home a vagina filled with his *** for many years which I remove from her vagina as she sits on my mouth after she returns home. A number of years ago my wife had the beginnings of a cold but she went out for sex anyway and when she returned we went up to the bedroom as usual. After she had gotten comfortable on my face and I was removing his ***, she suddenly sneezed and a spurt of her pee shot into my mouth. She froze as she realized what had happened, it was the first time that had happened, and I just swallowed the pee and continues with my oral activity. Well, she didn't sneeze any more that evening but the next day she asked me how I felt when her pee entered my mouth. I told her that when I am between her thighs and the scent of her sex is strong, that I will do anything for her. I told her that I became even more aroused as she squirted into my mouth and that it didn't bother me a bit. In face it heightened my submissive feelings. She told me that she didn't know what to do but, when I didn't stop, she just let the feelings go and she did say it was a powerful feeling.

Since that evening there have been many occasions when she returns home after having sex with her lover and we get into doing oral sex and she feels she needs to relieve her bladder. Now she just grabs my hair and pulls my mouth tighter and tells me open wide and drink and she lets her pee go. I have learned to love it and she doesn't have to be interrupted between *******.
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Thank you julie35 for the smiley face. Kind of what my wife does as she takes advantage of my service. I am not sure if I could perform this service with her if she hasn't pulled my face into her crotch and I become overwhelmed by her scent. When that happens I am powerless to refuse anything she desires.

Yes sir! You speak a truth that only those who have been there can know.