Gary Had To Pee!

Gary and I had been having sex for some time now.Years.I loved the taste of his *** and enjoyed sucking his ****.One night,we were camping and it started to rain.The fresh smell of the rain and the patter sound of it on the tent got us in the mood for messing around.I eventually found myself giving him head,licking the mushroom head of his **** got me dizzy with desire.Slipping his **** out of my mouth,he said,"Damn it! I gotta pee and its raining!"..I, between licks of his ****,thought and said,"Put your **** in my mouth and just let go,pee in my mouth." A bit stunned,he said,"ok,you asked for it!"I wrapped my lips aroung the head of his soft **** and waited.It came slow at first and then a rushing hot torrent of **** began to fill my mouth.Not wanting to let it get away,I swallowed his salty pee.The taste wasn't nearly as good as his ***,but it wasn't bad.Toward the end of his ****,he sqirted out the last few squirts and his **** started getting hard.Resuming my kisses and sucking,he soon flooded my mouth with a huge thick load of ***! I think he got really turned on with me that night!!
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1 Response May 22, 2012

umm love pee and ***!!