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I Love Someone to Pee In My Mouth !!

It all started in 1990 when i was introduced to this guy,and he was into pee fun, and he then asked me to try it,and it took some getting use to.But now that i am older i seem to have such a need for it.I wished there was someone to share my fetish with,i really need someone to pee into my mouth, i will drink it right from the source.I love to swallow it all.I enjoy it from both men and women.It is so erotic to me.It is so sexually satisfying to feel the HOT PEE flow into my mouth.For the time being i have to drink my own pee.I drink it every day.The best time to drink it is first thing in the morning when it is nice and dark yellow,that is when it is strongest tasting.The rest of the time it is just watered down and not as strong.It all depends on what i have been eating or drinking to what it tastes like.I really need to be able to taste others HOT PEE to be totally sexually satisfied.So if there are any of you out there that would be willing to pleasure me with your HOT PEE in my mouth please leave me a message and i'll get back to you.Hope to hear from some of you willing to fulfill this fetish with me.

sexyTSgirl sexyTSgirl 41-45, T 26 Responses Jan 29, 2009

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I'd love to be able to fulfill your fantasy.

I live in N. Cal. You would have to remove my wet diaper first but I would surely pee in your mouth

I would be willing to provide the HOT refreshments...straight from the source.

hey sexy, i'm somewhat local, and i'd love too give you a superstream and watch you drink it down, maybe rtf

where are you from ?Maybe we can get together.

im in nj if anyone wants to have funnnn

I'd love to squirt my hot, yellow **** down your *********** throat. Where are you?

so where are you located? I am in Jupiter Florida and would love to swap pee.

when can we do it?

Mmmm i would luv to pee in your mouth, but oly if you peed in mine too...luv the taste

you can stick your **** in my mouth and pee,not just standing there peeing,like it both ways

My Dearest Simmsel,<br />
I would love to get together with you.I would love for us to pee in each others mouth.YUMMY !!!! Well send me a private message and we will talk about it and make plans to meet and Pee in each others mouth OKAY ?By the way where are you from Simmsel ?

You know that pee/ urine is generally 73% water. So; I am guessing that is why you enjoy it.

I pissed in a guy's mouth while his wife watched, totally aroused by the scene. I had him on his knees and HE held my **** and aimed it at his mouth. As his mouth filled, his wife told him to swallow it. He got in several good gulps of my hot, stinky ****...LOL!! I really liked seeing him drink it and so did SHE!!

i will pee in your mouth if yuo pee in mine

are you in NJ or NY - if so we can work out something!!

Type your comment here...

I want to feel a **** in my mouth and my mouth filling up with warm pee. Anyone up for it?

me too it feels great where are you

i wold love to pee in your mouth if we could take terns i love pee it like to drink my own pee love to have u pee in my mouth to wen i read your story i got sooooo horrny!!!!!!!!! i also love eating my own *** but would love to let u taste my pee and then taste yours my name is eli my email adres is love to hear from u maby we can share pee fantassies<br />
love u with all my pee eli.

I'll pee in your mouth if you'll pee in my mouth! ;)<br />
<br />
I noticed also that you're a bedwetter. Me too! I think its very hot! I also love to wear diapers for fun.

I have the fantassy to pee in the mouth of my partner(male and female).Love to drink it from female only and that is directly from the source.

My Dearest SallyRawlings,<br />
Great to hear from you.Thanks for the comment. I would love to get together with you.Let's have some pee fun !!! YUMMY !!!<br />
<br />

Enjoy drinking warm yellow pee through another TVs panties and having them wet all over me.

My Dearest Barbie,<br />
I would love to get together with you and to share in the excitement of pee drinking and peeing on each other.It would be nice to get together with you and teach you all about it.Where are you from ? I am from California.Let's make plans to meet and get together for some pee fun.Looking forward to tasting your HOT PEE !!!<br />
<br />
All My PEE & *** 4 U,<br />

Wow Stephanie, I would love to pee in your mouth and watch you drink it all down. I have never experienced this before and sure would love to have you show and teach me the art of pee drinking.

Dearest sillysenior,<br />
Thanks for the sharing of your comment.It is nice to hear from others who share in the same fetish as me.I appreciate that you took the time to read my confession,and to comment on it.I agree with you that it's a flavor that's hard to beat !!!!

Well dawgson get back to me and we will see if we can meet sometime. <br />
<br />

i would be happy too =]