Fantasy: a Total Toilet

What I would like - sometimes you see ads for this, but it's never worked out for me - is someone who wants to be my total toilet. I'm a top and I would like toilet service - drinking 100% of my pee.

Also, I wish I could live in a place that smelled of ****. Better half would not go for this, though. I envy you guys that sleep on ****-smelling mattresses

nydan61 nydan61
61-65, M
4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I love the smell of **** around my home. Because I have visitors I pretty much have to clean up most of my flat after a **** session. But whenever I have the good fortune to have a girl **** in my bedroom, usually all over the carpet (and I do have a couple of female pee buddies who enjoy doing this) I just leave it, and let the room smell of their **** indefinitely. I can after all close the door, and no visitors ever have a reason to go in there unless invited by me!

its a fetish, i love pee. i do not always pee or get peed on while having sex, but the times i do it gets me fired up. the smell of pee, knowing its from a lover is great. i love when men and women pee there undierpants and never change them. i have my boyfriend (and the girl i was banging) pee in a pair of cotton panties once a night, not wash them. after 2-3 weeks their stained and smelly. i do down on them while they are wearing them. i am so hard right now...

I have a friend that as sucked every drop of pee out of me. It's an amazing sensation. You've got to find someone to do this with you, at least once. I really need to visit him more often.

I wish I could be your toilet slave (pee only though) I've had pee in my mouth about a dozen times or so but have never swallowed it and couldn't right now. However if I ever met someone like you who really needs someone to swallow his pee I'm sure I could swallow more and more of it