I Am Gay And Proud.

Its was during football season and you know what that means: dirty, hot, sexy, sweaty, men full of testoterone. It was the begining of our football season my junior year. I meant this sexy, cut, funny, always touching my penis, always grabbing my ***, always adjusting his penis, and always trying to hump me, man named Cameron. He made my world turn, to bad he was straight. I used to get undressed in the locker room with one eye always on him. This was his routine: he would enter the locker room and sit pretending to text. (I know this becuase he went to the bathtroom once leaving his phone and I checked it.) And in this time period he would stroke his ****. Omg if I could have just been able to see it grow. He didnt have the biggest **** in the world, but it was good enough for me. So when he got it at the right size he would undress and expose his beautifully sculpted ****. Lets just say that the image is still getting me off. It was hung like a horse becuase of the half *****. I love to watch him swing his **** around the locker room, making sure that everyone got a view of his ****. One day I was badly injured in a game. I was not able to play for three weeks, of course I played. Then one day I got hurt even worse in practice and coach sent me into the locker room to ice it. My day couldnt have got better. I serach for anythign that would remotely be sexual in the locker room. Until I remember that Cameron was a free baller on the field and he didnt have a locker. So i went through his wonderfully scented bag of musk and found his boxers. I *********** for about 15 minutes with them in the shower and somebody's soap. It was the best smell in the world, will never forget it. And this just worsten by eager for Cameron. Until one day the football team had just got half way through our practice before a big game,when Cameron got hurt. . It was fate. I was injured the week before. This meant that both of us would have to stay in the locker room together icing our injuries. I've always loved him, but he is straight or was straight. I went over to Cameron and asked what was wrong. he said he sprained his ankle. Before another moment went by I grabbed his **** and messaged the hell out of it. He reacted as normal, whoooa what are you doing, but the thing is that he didnt move my hand. So I went deeper and I got an instant *****. I was ******* the love of my life off. I kissed him. He kissed back. Soon we were making out. Omgosh I was taking his clothes off and licking his nipple. I slowly went down on him. I couldnt believe it I was sucking his big juicy ****. When he got completely comfortable with the situation, he said the words I have been waiting to hear for four years. "Give me that nice *** of yours" He rimmed me and then we had sex. Name the position he was going at it. I came at least four times.
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Aug 11, 2010