Spider Bites

I recently had a dream where i saw a bin upside down on the floor, so i picked it up and hundreds of white tail spiders were crawling on the floor, they spread out.  They didnt look like the common white tail, i just thought they were because they were all whilte, and very funny in shape, almost like wisdom teeth. I thought, 'this wont do!' so i picked up a broom and began to sweep them up. I had to get rid of them.  As i was sweeping, two spiders jumped onto my pointer finger and bit me. And for the rest of the dream i thought, i should be dead. My finger hurt very badly, but i went on doing what had to be done and was very suprised that i was still alive.  Straight after the bites, i recieved a phone call telling me my ex was dead.  I had to go organise the funeral.  I went to him, and he was in a coffin in a white addic room but dead. His family were there and they were weeping. But because they never were there for him before(because he was a drug addict and they are Christians) i was offended by there pressance, so i turned to them and yelled at them for weeping when they never cared. All the while my finger hurting but not dying. 
I am a christian, so if anyone has some christian interpretations that would be great. Thanks heaps :)
jessie27 jessie27
Aug 5, 2010