My Brother Got A Bellybutton Ring?

This is my second story here, but I had to share this dream! Last night I had a dream that my older brother got drunk and woke up the next day with his bellybutton ring pierced...twice! One was a purple peace sign and the other looked like a purple tack. It was super weird. He took the one that looked like a tack out and gave it to me and somehow my bellybutton was magically pierced and it fit! My sister went into the bathroom to try to pierce her eyebrow and everyone was freaking out. My mom followed her, got down on the floor and looked under the door. Later I went to sonic (this sonic was much fancier for some reason) and I got into an argument because some woman stole OUR order...TWICE! We started arguing with the woman and making mean faces at her. I ate like crazy. For some reason there was a lot of cake in that dream, haha. Later I'm with my best friend and we crash this girl's sweet sixteen party. We're riding in one of those carriages like in Cinderella. Instead of there being horses, there are teenage girls guiding it? I told my friend how cool it would be to have a party like this. She agreed. Later I hung out with this football team and some guy had a life size cut-out of Justin Bieber and I started freaking out. This was really confusing. 
BieberMammoth BieberMammoth
18-21, F
May 16, 2012