Dreams: a Lifelong Interest

I've been fascinated by dreams--my own and other people's--my whole life.  I've studied psychology and pored through books on dream interpretation since I was seven or eight.  And it just baffles me when I hear someone complaining about how they hate it when other people tell their dreams.  I love it when people share their dreams with me!  I could happily listen for hours, if someone wanted to share dreams with me.  And I've been collecting not just my own, but other people's as well, for a lifetime.
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In short, because this is something important to you and your family, but about which you probably don't know as much as you'd like... you probably feel uncomfortable talking with your cousin about this or hearing about it (or both). You probably avoid thinking about it normally, making it prime nightmare material. Even a passing thought about your cousin, rape or prison from the previous day could've set this dream off. While it is impossible to prove prophetic dreams never happen, I for one find it extremely unlikely that that's what's going on here, if that's what you're asking.

someone help me with this dream :(<br />
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i had a dream last night about my cousins biological father, dave, that i have only heard about and never met. has been in prison since i was born. he is a serial rapist anyway.... the dream<br />
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my cousin called telling me that dave had been released from prison and she was scared for her and her family and i was concerned for her too. i got off of the phone and went into my bedroom. behind me the door shut and there stood dave. i ran to the closet and grabbed my boyfriends handgun and loaded it but i couldn't remember how. i tried shooting him anyway. when the gun wouldn't fire he mocked me for trying and began to beat me. i was hitting him in the head with the gun as hard as i could and there was lots of blood but i couldn't tell if it was his or mine. he knocked me to the floor and i noticed my boyfriends rifle under the bed i grabbed it pointed it at him and said, "i KNOW how to load a rifle. now your ******!" i shot him in the side and my little sister came running in to tell me to kill him and i kept trying to tell her no and that i wanted him to be back in prison where he belongs. then i woke up. please help.<br />
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i want to know why i would have such a scary dream about a man that i don't even know

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See my dream and most interesting is Jellynails intrpretation. I believe Jellynails must have studied a lot of psychology after reading the interpretations. I have been a student of psych for a long time also and have been taught some about dreams. <br />
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It is GREAT fun and sometimes life changing!<br />
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Im going to check out the dream page...bye,<br />
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I really am interested in dreams, too, and truly enjoy interpreting them for people. I hope all you folks have checked out the Dreams page. Your interpretations would be great to see. The more the better.

I enjoy this blog story. I get dreams now and then that tell me what to do or what is to come. I had one lately that I get little out of maybe you can help. <br />
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See it on my blog, the one for Radiant. The title is about a dream needing interpretation. <br />
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I your case, I'd stop too!

I mostly just keep 'em in my head. I kept a dream journal for a short while, but it worked TOO well. I started recalling one- or two-hour blocks of dreams in minute detail, and it would take me twice as long to write down everything I remembered. I can't bear to write down "Cliff's Notes" versions of my dreams, because I worry they'll alter my memory of what happened. So I just stopped entirely.

Oh.. thats wonderful! Awesome "hobby"... do you keep a dream jounal? I do... my dreams tend to be violently vivid.