this is only one of my many many weird dreams, we were all inside this house that had a lake in it and most of us were sitting on my beach i can see my cats new born babies (shes still pregnant) and one of them talk they were all gorgeous and then i looked at the late and it started getting lighter and clearer it became so clear i can see inside the water all the ways to the bottom and rays of light were shining from the lake i go inside and my dad is helping my sister give birth to her twins (shes actually pregnant) and there were a bunch of people out to get my sister before she gave birth and i saw a camera inside the house and i knew it was there so i held it and kept smashing it to the wall untill it brock
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I am an assistant for taking care of two-year olds at my church, and I have a close relationship with my boss. Awhile ago, I had a dream where him, his sister, and I were in a local pool, except in real life its outside yet in the dream it was inside and decorated in red and yellow colors. It looked like that one scene in Sherlock but with color. Anyway, I knew I had done something awful, and he was PISSED! Don't know what it was but it was personal. Now, by the time we got to the pool, I had thought he had gotten over it. But he looked at me, and he said; "I don't need you to help with the two-year olds anymore, I'm going to have you switched." Of course, I knew he still needed me, so it was a deliberate attempt to make me cry. Well it worked. My heart was in a million pieces on the floor and I had to run out of there before I started crying in front of him. On my way out, this model-looking girl said just loud enough for me to hear; "Piece of trash." You know, a dime-a-dozen classic mean girl. The weird thing was, my boss hadn't done anything to prompt such a nightmare in real life. I wonder why I had that dream...