Dreams of the Night Or Future Dreams!

I do love to share my nighttime dreams: the good, the weird, and the ugly ones! And I also love to share my future wants, goals, and dreams. But most of all, I love hearing the dreams of others! :-)

I am highly interested in the dreams of people, the nighttime ones and their future goals. You can learn a lot about a person in this way! Our dreams reveal our thought process, our emotional states, and what quality of person we are by default. It reveals who we are behind the mask and leaves us naked, to all whom we share our dreams with. And I like that kind of honestly from a person. And I also like to give out that kind of honesty. :-D

Last night, I dreamed that Dr. House was trying to kill me and pushed me down a flight of stairs! For some reason he went mad and turned into an evil old man! Now... what does this dream mean, I have no idea! But it gives some insight into who I am as a person and where my subconscious fly off to. ;-)

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Me to0!i dream evrynyt n evn remembr them.g0od oNes,bAd 0nes,weird0nes.my fave is weird oNes.0ne minuTe m talKin wit my bf.n d nxt m0ment am leaping 4m treE to treE wit a cart0oN charctr!dreams r alwaz my fave topic.i dream a lot aBt my bf.as we r in l0ng distnce dreamin aBt our date is realy s0othing!

u seem like a funny person lol <br />
im the same way..i like to have ppl tell me the dirt on their dreams lol <br />
recent one was with jay-z and an ex of mine lmao..ill tell u the rest if u ask :p