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I Killed, Dammed To Hell, Raped And Rescued Someone

I was in my anthropomorphic bipedal black wolf form, carrying a scythe. I was chasing after a girl, and when I caught up with her, she was begging me not to kill her. I was emotionally cold. I swung the scythe into her head. Her head didn't come off, but she fell down and died instantly. I guess it's a psychic attack. I said some words I don't remember, but they effectively dammed her to hell. I walked away, feeling proud of myself, and wondered who I should kill next. But I began to regret what I did. I went to hell, to find this girl and rescue her. When I arrived, all the demons seemed scared of me. They summoned the antichrist and even he backed away from me. I didn't understand their strange language, but I think they were swearing at me. I found the girl, dragged her away from all the noise. She looked at me, really angry, as if she knew I sent her to hell. I couldn't control myself. I held her down with one paw, and raped her. (clothes were off in a second, psychic ability) She was crying. But after a few minutes, she hugged me. When I finished, I hugged her back. I swear she was hugging me firmer than I've been hugged in my life, as if it meant 'don't leave me'. After that, we kissed, got clothes back on, and I picked her up, carried her out of hell. That's when I woke up. And I thought 'What the **** was I thinking!?' Really, it's my mania, it gives me too much libido.  Disturbing because I'm normally a nice person.  But I won't deny my violent urges, I'm just glad I can control them.  At least that's one of the more interesting dreams I've ever had. xD

MeisterWolf MeisterWolf 18-21, M 2 Responses Nov 4, 2009

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I have had a dream kind of close to that. But in these terms they were seperated into two dreams. The first was that I was fighting against wolves, but I had the scythe. When I did die (Because one of them killed me), a very large black hand reached out and told me "It is now time to go to Hell". In another I was in a very white room, the same large hand came back up, I closed my eyes at this moment and when I opened them back up I was seeing the universes and so many other things that I can't begin to describe but this time it said "I have shown you the universe, now it is time to go to Hell." Your dream kind of reminded of me of these two.

Woah. When I've had sleep paralysis I've sometimes heard voices saying I'm going to Hell. I'm not surprised I have these 'dreams' because people told me for years that I'm hellbound. Thank your for sharing, makes me feel better about the fear I felt!

Holy s***, dude, that dream is wierd. Perhaps, if you do, cut back on video games or violent shows. Also, if you're using drugs, stop, unless they're prescribed by a doctor. If these aren't the problems, try to examine everything about you, your personality, even your favorite color. This dream, unless you've had it multiple times, is nothing more than an expression and release of energy, one could say, of your less brilliant side. However, stay away from those demons if you ever have that dream again. They are ignorrant, and are trying to tempt you.

My idealised self differs from what I am. That dissonance partially causes my violent dreams. I was raised to be a goody two shoes and I still am that to an extent, but I've got the demon in me. Thesedays it seems to be a balancing act.

Never had any illegal drugs but I take meds. Dreams are weird by nature and I try not to think about them too much thesedays. It's my brain defragmenting and experimenting. You seem to know a bit about dreams though.

Sometimes I find my dreams easy to understand. A month or two (maybe even three, but anyway, within the last last three months) ago I dreamt a lot about tidal waves and tsunami, but the worst was... about being surrounded several dark blue huge (at least 100 ft!) tsunami. Giant walls of water scare the **** outta me... 'cos you're doomed no matter if you fight or run. They were advancing SLOWLY. I could almost feel their personalties, they were 'evil'. I was glad to wake up from that one. My emotions were stressing me out around that time so after working through them I didn't have such dreams again.

Oh god, I think I would pee my pants if I had that dream. I had a dream where I was under water, and I swam to the surface as hard as I could. When I got to the top, it somehow elevated ten thousand feet! I was starting to turn purple, and suddenly I woke up. I was kicking real hard. when I settled down and caught my breath I realized my face was under the covers! I felt so stupid, and now when I make my bed, I always tuck the covers a little short.