It Makes Me Feel Better...

It makes me feel better when i help people out, whether it's my friends or just anyone in general. I find that i can't really help myself but i can help others in ways. I don't know why i can't help myself, maybe it's 'cause i've given up on myself, i know by saying that it's being a hypocrite since i tell others never to give up but that's just how i feel. Helping and making my friends feel better makes me feel good so i guess that's one of the reasons why i do it along with that i care about them and everything.
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1 Response Dec 23, 2007

i know how you feel<br />
just knowing that i can help my friends<br />
makes me feel good <br />
and i like helping others<br />
but how is it that<br />
i give advice to others<br />
they use it but i cant even<br />
advice myself