First Winter Storm This Year

The day it storms bloody hell out my girlfriend decides its a good day to come pick me up.  when she got her i tried to get her to stay cause the roads were so bad.  she said she couldn't't.  so we started our voyage.
so as we are going to her house, we get on rt. 2.  half the time going there we could not see the road cause of the white out.  we see tons of tail lights just stopped.  we slowly get to the mess.  6 cars off the road.  cars on the road sideways.  
when we stopped i told her i am going to jump off to help these people.  she didn't't want me to.  i said i had to.  get out and try to get everyone straightened out.  
the wind was so bad.  but the adrenalin kept me warm.  
when i got back into the car after 20 minutes the snow on my face melted.  my girlfriend said she didn't't want me to be cold and not to go back out again.  but regardless of what she said i helped for another hour.  we sat there for two hours until a plow finally made it to us.  
jmx931 jmx931
Dec 16, 2010