I Like To Help Others And Do My Best To Do Anything To Help Them Feel Better

Have you ever desired to assist someone that really needs someone? Many people require help. No. Everybody requires help. Someone has to have their shoulder ready for that person to lean upon. Almost everyone in the world only wants to speak about their own problems, and seek for someone to hear them out without criticizing, but sometimes provide advice for them and to stand by their side throughout their most difficult times. Although, what that person doesn't know is that the person whom they are piling up their problems against, have problems of their own. Sometimes, they don't mind, but it really wouldn't hurt to return the helping hand by hearing the other person out, at least, maybe once in a while or something. What I'm trying to get at, is that if your getting help from someone, try to see if they may need some help or if they need someone to talk to. They would greatly appreciate it.

My best explanation for why I seem to be writing this (and at such a late hour, outstanding... Time 3:05AM) would be for not only the people who help others and know that they have to find some sort of assistance towards their own problems, but for those that seek help and that receive the help that they find, to help the other person out. Hearing someone out is sometimes the best medicine... Sometimes. (If someone has written something like this, I apologize for not noticing it and would take the time to read it thoroughly if the link is given.) (I would've made this longer, but time is short and so is the night, so I thought that making this minor "blog" to tell a short story as short and sweet and to-the-point as possible would be a nice and simple way to start off.)
ShadowUchiha ShadowUchiha
18-21, F
Dec 29, 2010