I Am A Virgo After All

*Virgos love to help!*

YAY for my 100th group joined!

Well, yeah. I've always wanted to help people. Just the way I am. I originally wanted to be a therapist, and I still do. I think I'd be good at it. But... I fell in love with science. I hope to help people that way, but anyway, that's why I LOVE this site! Even more than relating with people which is awesome enough to sign up, it's to help others! I want to share my experiences and help people get through theirs, a kind of, been there done that deal. I think it's BETTER than being a therapist. This way, I can share my own and help others which I'd imagine therapists really shouldn't do.

Anyway. Love this site. It's amazing and whoever thought of this is a beautiful, intelligent, caring person (people!? lol) and just deserves the best!
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1 Response Jan 3, 2011

I also signed up because I like to help people and I saw some people that looked like they could use some encouraging words. But now I am finding that I am probably receiving more benefit than I am giving. The people on here are amazing!