Spiritual Number S

i think with 2012 coming up shortly many may already be aware of numbers coming up all over on bus tickets alarm clocks on ya laptop numbers on other things such as a number in your inbox all the time. here are some numbers and there meaning of your path and what they mean enjoy

11.11- this number is oneness all that is. this number indicates a primal spiritual energy, to empower rot chakra to crown chakra, in the heart and soul.
22.22- this number is one devided into two duality. is a yearning to return to the one. two is also spiritual transformation. true feminine and the moon power to wards the perfect balance.
33.33- this number is the law of time and wisdom. power is used only with love here. with this number.sun power healing and true masculine balance.
44.44-this number is ove of heart .holding fast the universe .this number four is the star gate to the higher heart key way to the soul quest.
55.55- this number is a spiral dance ,within dna its a five pointed star of spiritual wareness.a new level of spiritual mastery.leading back to six which is healing.
66.66-this number is balance - completion of the healing level from which five can spiritually lift you once again .six is an enabler taking you nearer to mysteries.
77.77- this number is a magical number. and one of the soul quest.-spiritual transending matter. a key to higher angelic mystery schools.
88.88-this number is one of erternal eight,and ancient wisdom. the route to pure angelic light zodiac.the key to karmic energy balance.
99.99.this final number is end of a phase key to ascension the verticle key to ten.perfection of oneness or down to one where everything starts again.
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well no if you seee the number 4 like i do as this is my spiritual number in my numerology chart i see this and 11.11 which adds up to 4 again ive sent messages to my loved one at 4 oclock and 22.22 which is 4 again do you see the pattern bro, you can know what your spritual number is by your date of birth adding it up and see what you get .its suprising how mnay times it does come up.like if your a 7 life path you may see this number allover.thanks for reading .

wow this was interesting thank you very much. do they have to be in groups of 4 to be significant?