My Greatest Pleasure!

I've been exposed to the world of healthcare and by that helping others is a daily task. We usually have hundreds of patients everyday and it is very tiring but when someone says "Thank you" all those stresses were relieved. I am very grateful whenever i would here those words.
It feels like I'm in cloud nine. I don't know but for some moment self-actualization takes place. I may not help them directly and I know they will forget me in a few hours but all the words they have said to me will remain to my heart forever. This is the main reason why I enjoy waking up early and going home late from the hospital.
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2 Responses Nov 20, 2011

wow thats awesome. i feel like i'm on cloud 9 too when i provide a service that someone is truly grateful for. it makes me feel like nothing else in the world really matters that much and that i am fulfilling my life purpose.

That's great! =)