Meet And Greet

I just got back from helping out a girl meet up with a guy she started chatting with. She wasn't too sure about the whole meet so I said I would show up and hang out in the background just in case. They were to meet up at a frozen yogurt shop, so I arrived before she did and let her know that there was a guy fitting her description staring at a phone standing outside the shop. Sure enough it was him, she arrived, they got their yogurt, sat down and talked for about 45 minutes. My job was easy, I got my yogurt, ate, and texted throughout the whole thing. They said their pleaseantries and parted ways. All in all a successful meeting. She thanked me for helping out, said he was ok, but still liked the fact that there was someone there for her. I should start my own business......maybe I should call it "Got yo Back", what do you all think? Let me hear some name ideas. I look forward to the posts.

baddogs22 baddogs22
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3 Responses Nov 20, 2011

That was kind of you

It was a very considerate thing you did,,,maybe you might be able to make money on that idea as women must be more cautious these days. You were a good person to spend time to help that most others would not <br />
XD Nice gesture, shows you care, and that chivalry is still around, not dead as most think.........................................................

I don't know about name ideas - but I think its cool what you did :) I hope they hit it off!