It Happened In An Airport

I was at the counter checking in my bag. It was when some airlines first started charging for this. I handed over my $20.00. At the counter next to mine was a teenager whose mom had already left and the child didn't have any money. ( great mom, huh!) Without hesitation I handed the girl $20.00. She was so thankful and embarrassed. The counter employees were so relieved. She asked for my address,so
She could pay me back. ."Someday, love you will be given the opportunity to help someone." I was the one who got the gift. I was very happy to have been at the right place at the right time. I wish for the girl, the blessing of being able to help a stranger. Xxxxxx
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Indeed you are a real Special K. It is a blessing to & from when ever you pay it foward.Your future will be a road paved with lovingkindness. I am proud to know such a generous person such as you are. Bless you. mini

It is always a special blessing to help a stranger in need. You would have done the same thing, mini. I am proud to know you as well. OXO

I absolutely love your story. My mum refused to ship me off to south america without some dollars despite my protests that i would get some with my card when I arrived out there (i was so furiously determined to be independent). These dollars meant when my card was blocked in the airport in Lima, Peru, I still had some money on me and literally cried in relief. As a girl her age I can imagine the relief you must have given her. I've experienced kindness from so many people when ive really needed it (and done selfless deeds in return-as it alters your mindset of being selfish/cautious )- so you're the perfect example that kindness makes the world go round.

I'm sorry I didn't see your comment until just now, Onther. I'm glad you have experienced kindness from strangers, it's so life affirming. Thank you for reading this and commenting.

You have a good heart and a great attitude!

I missed your comment, Kale. Thank you!

What a lovely gesture. Bless you

I am happy to have been at the right place at the right time. I wish it would happen again. Thank you for the blessing.


you are great person and happiness always will come to you

And to YOU too, coolsmile. Best wishes.! You probably gave her a gift that she will never forget...and I don't mean th $20...I mean the gesture. Things like that change lives. You got points in Heaven for that one.

You would have done the same thing. Do you think I was born yesterday?

Probably...but doesn't happen every day...even though so many people have the opportunity.

you have a heart of gold to help out a stranger. Your kindness you will see maybe 100 fold back to you, so that is what I was told.

....and for you,gllr....I wish for your kindness to be multiplied as it returns to YOU!

Thank you, for your gentle and kinds words. They are appreciated.

Love it!!!! and God can use you because you make yourself available and do so with a willing heart. He provides and we give it out if ever we hang on for fear of not haveing enough the provision stops. I bet you just looking for the next opportunity to give again.

DONT YA KNOW IT !!! I like your style....thanks for stopping by! Oxo

that was so nice of you to do that, i can tell you that not many people would have done that for the poor girl.<br />
<br />
Well done and i take my hat of to you!

Heartwarming story, Thanks!

Thanks very much for stopping by,Peace. My best to you.....

Having been stuck at a few airports in my time I have occasionally been on the receiving end of small kindnesses. I always pay it forward ;-)

that was a great thing you did for the girl. it is wonderful that it gets paid forward. we have to push sometimes to do the right thing, i think.

I remember being so happy that I was there....and could help....hi luckylass.....

Funny how things like this end up giving you the best feeling ever, isn't it? I bet you just smiled for the rest of the day! :)

I did feel great for the rest of the was a wonderful experience, friend.

Good for you! Very nice. You did a good thing. Perhaps you don't even know how good.<br />
<br />
Do you know that when you do a good deed it releases endorphins in your brain that actually make you feel better? Not only that but those same endorphins are released in the person for whom you did the good deed. But it doesn't even stop there. Anyone that witnessed the good deed also gets a does of the endorphins. Finally all of us reading your story also get a dose of those same endorphins, so THANK YOU. You made me feel better. <br />
<br />
Now let's all go do one good thing and hope it snow balls.

I like your style, simple action right now....endorphins produced by your comment....I can feel them.....I wish more peeps would figure this out.....

im a snowball - it made me feel good! such pleasant people.

Random acts of kindness. They make the world go round. It's people like you who make me still believe that the world is not such a bad place after all. Thanks for sharing.

Hello little are kind to answermy questions....and now you read my stories too ! Oxothanks,hon.

Hello Kathie! No problem! Why aren't we friends yet, lol?

keep passing it forward. I like your goal of writting a story for each exp joined, I might try to catch up on my exp groups, at least a story a day, I got lots of catching up to do, then maybe I will write a story at the time I join in the future.

Hello friend,
Well, I've been remiss at writing stories....but will catch up someday. Did you get that laundry washed? Here's a helping hand ! Oxo

You are awesome,that is a such a good thing to see someone helping another person out.I am sure that girl will help someone out one day.Who knows who else was watching and will do something for another as well.Thank you for sharing your story.

I did a similar thing years ago, and the guy that I helped kept insisting that I give him my name and address. I relented, just to stop his insisting, and then I never heard from him. A note or thank-you card would have been nice, but nothing came, and i felt bad. Since then, I just say, "No, give it to the Red Cross or something." I feel better. :-)


Well, hello again mr PICADILLY. Thank you so much for reading my stories. Today I finally made the time to write a few. I have a goal of posti g a story, however brief for each group I have joined. I seem to do a lot of joining, but not much Sharing.. Have a lovely weekend.

This was a touching story. It proves that there are still people out there who will help others. Thank you for being that kind of person. I appreciate knowing that good people still exist with kind hearts. I had given my son money the couple times when he traveled, but once I didn't give him quite enough, though I did give him the last that I had. The flight was delayed and he didn't have enough to eat on because he had to purchase a new charger for his phone since he forgot his here. A kind gentleman helped him. he took him to a restaurant there in the airport and bought him food. My son ask for his address knowing that I would reimburse the gentleman. The man refused to give him the address, because he told my son that the only thing he wanted was that if he was ever in a position to help someone, that was all the payback that he wanted. My son has paid that debt back more than once.<br />
He helps any one that he is able to help. It's what I call paying it forward. (There is a movie called pay it forward, and it is about basically the same thing) =) I also help others when I can.