I Have A Wish For You

That you don't pull some dumb *** trick like I did last week.

I received this email from this weight loss geuru spouting off about his new formula that will make you lose 25 pounds in 25 days. The idea was to have a cheat day where you literally pig out. This pig out having as much pasteries as you want and they recomended nice greasy pizzas.

The cheat day guy said that your body freezes up as to lossing so this cheat day would confuse the body. After all you are only supposed to gain 1/2 pound and by the end of the cycle you will lose 2.5 pounds. 2 pounds net not bad.

I got up on my 1st cheat day weighed myself, then went about my normal day substituting real sugar for my sweetener, stopped by the market and picked up some milk chocolate covered grahm crackers and munched on them the rest of the day. I had some bar-be-que
for dinner and ate a couple more chocolate covered crackers before bed.

Next morning upon waking, I went through my usual procedure and then checking for the weight gain. I almost fainted, I gained 1.5 pounds. I thought, no problem, it should come off in the 5 days promissed along with the other 2 pounds. Wrong. It has taken me 8 days to get back to where I started from.

I know, I know. I probably should have spent the $47 and read the instructions. If I didn't like what it said I could have returned it for my money back guarantee. Then I would have had the answer that I should have had in the 1st place.

If I can share more of this situation, my user name is toglen.


toglen toglen
May 6, 2012