Thank You My Sweet Baby Girl ....."big Trouble In Little Chyna"

Thank you for allowing us to be your family for 13 beautiful years. You were not only a were our precious baby girl.
I miss you whining for me to pick you up to sit in my lap.
I miss out weekly trips to the ranch.
I miss your sweet wet kisses on my face.
I miss you wanting to hold you tight during an electrical storm and keeping me awake throughout the whole storm while you slept in my arms. When the cancer started taking its toll on you... We refused to let it take you completely. Our last journey to the vet was the hardest we have had to make. Your daddy and I wrapped our arms around you until your tired little heart took its last beat. We all cried and cry daily as everything reminds us of you.
Thank you our sweet baby girl for loving us unconditionally and showing us joy that we had never known before.
Your little twin brother (Gizmo) misses you terribly
RIP sweet Chyna! We will never forget you and will always love you
Mommy & Daddy
Rustimum Rustimum
1 Response May 16, 2012

Oh my. I'm a guy, not uspposed to cry, but I got one Hell of a lump in my throat right now!!! I think back on my doggie, Brewster, who died 16 years after I got her. Got her my 1st year of nursing school. She passed about 3 years ago. (Sniff, sniff). My prayers are there. You will never replace her. A MORE LOYAL ANIMAL YOU'll NEVER FIND.<br />
<br />
Sincerely Edward Tabor