Everybody Has A Burden To Bear...

Many years ago I went to a wilderness course in Colorado...it took a lot of preparation. I had to buy special boots, socks, fleece pullovers, pants, and backpack, ect... So when I get to the course I met up with a group of complete strangers. Our leads gave us lots of instruction we took time to pack up, getting ready for the trail. Not only did we have to pack our personal items we had to distribute community supplies like pots,garbage bags, food, ect.. our bags were heavy. Just before we set off they had our group stand in a circle and put our packs in front of us. Okay move to the right, pick up the pack, set it down....it was heavy. Okay move to the right, pick up the pack..set it down. We did this all the way around.
They said when your climbing remember everyones pack is heavy!
It's that so true in life? When times get hard and you are having to claw your way to the next step...you can get distracted by jealousy and unfair thoughts thinking look how easy she has it....that is just a lie! Comparison is often smoke screen and mirrors fabricated in our mind!
Just a reminder that everyone no matter the smiles and jokes is under stress, facing difficulty at some point. Nobodys life is perfect.
So if you have a chance to lend a hand, your blessed and should feel honored to do so!
:) be nice to someone today!
underrock underrock
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May 17, 2012