Had To Do It

I was shopping recently at Costco and from a afar spotted a couple very advanced in their years. These seniors were waiting in a very long line at the Pharmacy. I thought they looked familiar, especially the husband and upon closer inspection I came to realize that he was a man that had been very kind and helpful to me over 35 years ago. At that time I was of course a very young man, he was middle-aged. Over the years I saw him from time to time but not for at least 5-8 years now. How difficult these last years must have been for him.
Well I was so saddened to see how difficult it was for them to wait in line, as he was stabilizing himself by holding on to the shopping cart and his wife was steadying his arm underneath his elbow. She was not in great condition herself. I did not go over to them because I did not want to embarrass them. But I did want to help them so I anonymously went to the Pharmacy manager and explained the situation to see if there was any way to expedite service to my old friends. The manager was actually quite receptive, indicating he knew them as repeat customers. I asked that he not identify me to them. He went over, took them out of line and sat them down in the front while he retrieved the medications they needed. I feel so sad that life has taken its toll on these people, but I am grateful that perhaps I eased a little pain for them on this occasion.
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

A Randon Act of Kindness, really well done!!

Bless you for your kindness & thoughtfulness! This world needs more people like you. Actually brought a tear to my eye. :')

I see people like that everyday.. It is very sad to this happen to them

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging and kind comments :)