Now I Am On The Other End

A little of me. I love the outdoors especially hunting, fishing, and hiking. I am married for the second time for 32 years. (and they say 2nd marriages don't work) We raise two wonderful grandchildren. I have always been one to reach out and help others. I now find myself on the other end, reaching out.

I am disabled from a previous heart attack which leaves us on a fixed income. In the last two months I started slurring my speech at times and experiencing headaches. When talking to one of my best friends the other evening, I found it very difficult to speak clearly. My granddaughter could not understand me either.

After a quick call to my doctor the next day I was sent off to the hospital for tests. An MRI and Ultrasound revealed what I already knew. I have a 99% blockage in my left Carotid artery. Don't ask why, but by the grace of God I have not had a stroke yet! Only what the doctors describe as "Transients", a precursor to a stroke.

I was sent back this week for a CT scan to get a better picture of my arteries and determine the next course of action. Surgery is the only answer and I expect to be back next week in the hospital for that.

My dilemma. So far I have accumulated over $7,000 in tests with another $15,000 bill for the surgery coming. Lord only knows what the doctor bill will be. Medicare only covers 80% so I have to be good for the rest. This I don't have. Now I am on the other end, asking for help financially with medical bills I cannot cover. I have set up a web site provided by "Donate To" and sent thousands of emails in an attempt to get help. This has not worked. It seems the so called safe-lists and users are only interested in chasing the Internet riches. (or so they think at least)

I am hesitant to post my donation site here for fear of a SPAM complaint but I would greatly appreciate any support or suggestions any of you may have. You can reply to my email anytime and I would welcome your comments and prayers.

God Bless
hc5241 hc5241
56-60, M
Jun 10, 2012