Helping To Heal

I had just parked my car and was getting out to strecth my legs. I was passing thru a beautiful town and had to stop. As I was opening the door I heard the most terrifying scream. You know, like the one you hear in movies...the scream of desperation and fear. I froze, no way, I must be hearing things. But when she screamed again "help me", I knew. Instead of thinking, I just ran to her.She was running out a door, her long curly brown hair was a mess, tear streaks of mascara ran down her cheeks. She was skinny and frail and the red marks stood out on her pale skin. When she saw me, she ran to me. A complete stranger suddenly her salvation. Feeling the need to protect, I opened my arms to her and she ran to them. I guided her to a nearby park bench. Her body was shaking in fear, she was hysterical and the words she tried to form were not clear. It took several minutes before she was able to calm down and tell me "he" was up there. He hit her, trapped her, wouldn't let her go. Somehow she was able to escape. Some other concerned bystanders called the police as I sat there holding her. My children watched from the car. Their faces full of concern...their conversation long since halted. Yes, they would remember this forever. Just as I would. Later, we would talk about abuse and relationships, later I would explain. Right now, they understood, mommy had to help.
The police came quickly. While one searched for "him" the other began to question my scared new friend. With every question she looked at me..hoping for help. What could I say? I knew nothing except the few details she was able to choke up. That is when I had to make myself remember. The feelings of fear and aloneness. Despair and unworthyness. To remember the sting of the slap, but mostly the tears on my heart.
I pulled her to the side. Leaving the police officer a bit confused. I made her look at me. Held her hands in mine. I promised this young girl, so vulnerable and exposed, that I would stay by her side and help her get through this. She began to cry, but I could feel a small change in her. But mostly, I could feel a big change in me.
The rest of the day went pretty much like you could imagine it. She answered all the questions the officer asked. Still hestitant, but stronger now. I stayed with her through it all. This stranger, who needed me so much. This stranger who was also helping me heal. Later I was able to call her friends and have them come to her. I was sad to leave her, this girl who was standing where I once stood. I left her my information, hoping she would keep in touch with me, but knowing she wouldn't. Why keep in touch with someone who just shared your worse nightmare.
I think about her all the time. I think about the conversation I had with my children about her. I wonder how she is. And oddly, I am thankful for her. She helped me, to use my past, to help. She gave the horror I went through,a reason. She gave me the feelings of strength and control that I never felt I had in that situation before. By helping her, she helped me heal a little bit more.
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Im happy you put your health in danger to help her. I know a lot of people who would've just driven away out of fear

I think we all have a purpose in life. Some people figure it out early on, some later, some never at all. I think I've figured out my purpose is to help people. I can honestly say nothing makes me happier than knowing I've helped some one in some way. So, for me, leaving someone in need is NEVER an option. :)

Great for both of you. Don't ever stop believing. Helping others helps us much more than we think. God put us through things so we can help others going through the same things.

I couldn't agree with you more. Which is why I'm currently working on a very fulfilling career that helps people daily. :)

Everyone needs someone to be there for us during tough times. You're a hero.

Thank you for saying that, however, I don't see myself as a hero. I just want to treat others and be there for others just like those have done for me in the past. It's the only way to be. And it makes me very happy.

Most people hypothetically say they would do something, but all to often you hear about the bystanders that did nothing. You did this for a total stranger... someone you knew nothing of. You offered yourself to her as you would to a close friend. I am proud to have you in my circle. I like you, your cool! :-)

Awww, thanks :) I'm just passing along to others the kindness that's been shown to me. That's really what life is all about, right!?

Your story is great. You really gave that girl what she needed at that scary and vulnerable time!

It was the right thing to do....and it helped me too. :)

I should have read this earlier.. the funny thing is that every sentence, every new action that you took made perfect sense because of who you are.. thanks for being you and I am glad you allowed it to be "healing" as well.

It was a life changing moment that I\'ll never forget. I am saddened but so thankful for the experience. :)

The world could use a few more like you

I would like to think there are a lot more people out there that would do the same.
Thank you :)

What an experience to have and share. Your strength and caring are a testimony to the person you are. Your past experience, while horrible gave you what was needed to help that frightened young woman, and though I wouldn't wish it on anyone I am grateful that you could do what you did. I'm also glad it could help you heal. My heart goes out to you and her.

Aww thanks so much. I was in the right place at the right time...for the both of us. And now I'm in Nursing School so i can be the voice of those that need to be heard. I can't begin to tell you how amazing it is to know that I will truly be able to help those that need it. Thanks for reading my story =)

Sadly, people tend to repeat their mistakes when it comes to relationships. I am glad you were there for this young woman and gave her the strength she needed. It was also a lesson for your children too on how to be a good Samaritan. I am also glad that it has helped you to heal some more from a past that you'd sooner forget.

I's sad. It's like an endless cycle. But it was good for both my kids and I.

Holy cow girl. This sounds exactly like you but wow oh wow what a story. I told you were strong and I knew it. This helps me see you more clearly. You are doing all the right things here and im proud of you!!_!!

Aww, thanks. I'm just doing what I hope anyone else would do. I guess I really try to live by the "treat others as you want to be treated". I helped her...she helped me. =)

Still but people freeze. fits again with what you want to do. :)

Amazing story, everything happens for a reason. She was presented to you to help you heal as well as her.

It was quite an experience and one I will never forget. I often think about her and how she is doing. I hope that maybe something I said gave her the strength to deal with it better next time.....odds are against that...but I still hope. =)