Heart Responding To Kindness

i always feel better after i help somebody with something and i gane confidence for some reason. it's like my heart is pumping fast and i can't stop smiling. when you participate in a play for example, you come out and a big crowd applauds for you and they might be applauding for everybody else but you feel like the light is shining on you. so you smile :)
DancingAngel DancingAngel
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 1, 2012

I know the feeling so well, it might not be the best choice of words but I always say that giving is my drug of choice. I actually feel high and I've never been high on drugs. It lifts me up to a happy place like nothing else on earth does and I actually look for and make myself available to help and give where I can. Selfish... I don't give to get the feeling I get when I do but my heart is to help others.

thats very true, i understand what your trying to say