My Job

is all about helping. The building is aptly named The Learning Center (TLC) bldg..

I am a 1 to 1 tutor, or sometimes for several students, As a para-educater I teach remedial courses, all in a setting of about 5-6 students.

I am looking forward to course work at the U, which will make me a better qualified helper in academics..

I have only had 3 jobs in my lifetime and I enjoy this job the best, I am committed to helping anybody who wants help.
ashleerox ashleerox
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 11, 2012

Cool! your job is a very important one. And I'm sure many people appreciate your help. Seriously...I wouldn't have passed all those difficult math and accounting courses without the tutors I've had :)

its fun to be a tutor and I believe I found what i want to do for a good number of years.:)