A Gift For Santa

It was nearing Christmas and the local news was covering a horrific traffic accident. The day was cold and rainy, it was sundown. The driver had collided with a power pole after his car hydroplaned. Power lines fell, a fire started, he was trapped in the car. Local rescue squads hurriedly struggled to free him. He was rushed to our local trauma center with life threatening injuries, but he was alive. Details were slow to be released. The car was not recognizable and identity withheld pending family notification.
I later learned the driver was my neighbor of over 10 years. He was en route home after spending hours bell ringing as a Salvation Army Santa! He lost a leg, his income and faced lengthy hospitalizations and rehab. I knew I wanted to help in a tangible way and felt many in our neighborhood would also but didn't know the identity of the driver. Some details are released only if a fatality is involved.
I bought a Christmas card, attached an explanatory note and placed it unsealed in one neighbors mailbox. I asked for an unspecified monetary contributions to be used for purchasing gift cards from a local grocery chain. These could be used for medications, food, household staples and other necessities. The card was circulated hand to mailbox with instructions to sign and pass it on. Names, addresses and amount of contribution were done on the attached sheet. We set the return date and trusted our neighbors. Sure enough, we collected enough money to buy out all the gift cards at several stores...around $900.00. Not a penny was missing.
My husband and I decorated a live miniature Christmas tree from the grocery store and took to the hospital on Christmas eve along with the gift cards & addresses of everyone who made this happen. We cried when the gift cards were given. It made a difference.
This said so much about so many. It felt good to give Santa a gift. What a wonderful world it can be when we share.

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Sep 7, 2012