Helping Others ;)

I was on holiday for a week it was great i enjoyed it i was with a friend but she had to leave a day early coz of work but i didnt so i decided to stay here by myself i mean i did pay for the holiday and it came as a package so why let my money go to waste?.. i went shopping on my last day it was great fun i went bak to the hotel for lunch as they provide it since i paid for it lol
A man with a tray had walked in and served me my lunch. i said thank you and watched him gaze at my **** he told me his name, tom and said to call reception if i wanted anything else so i said i will and he stares at my ****.. he didnt even try to hide it he was looking at them like theres no tomorrow or he just really cant not control himself hehe :)

so i decided to have some fun i called reception and asked them to send tom I waited for a good 10mins but then got bored and thought maybe they had forgotten about me. So i went to go have a shower.. I left the door open as i thought no1 was going to come in. lol ;)
I was wrong about no one comming, Tom came i have no idea when as i didnt not see him until i got out of the shower.
I was naked and i didnt even try to cover my nude body. He turned around and said ma'am u called for me? He hesitated. The situation was awkward for him, he didnt know what to do.

I put on my dressing gown and went infrount of him and said yes i did, He relaxed a little wen he saw i wasnt fully naked. I went for my purse and took out £30 here's a tip for u tom u've been amazing for the whole week and i havent said thanks he smiled and said than you ma'am its been a pleasure. I sat on the bed and left my legs uncrossed so he knew he was welcome in there :p
I touched his arm as he looked dwn on me and said tom can u do me on last favour before i leave tomorrow? He didnt have a choice it was his job :D He nodded as in to indicate yes!

So i asked him to put massage my body his eye opened wide as if he was shocked. He grunted a yes so i pulled him on the bed and said can u do my leg first pls? He didnt say anything just watched my leg and nodded. So i lay down on the bed and he starts to massage my legs i told him to go higher and he did what he was told i could see him smiling but trying to hide it. I pulled the strap of my gown off and loosened it. As it loosened a bit of my breast could be seen i saw him staring he quickly removed his gaze as he realised i was watching him.

i slowly moved my legs apart i dont think he realized what i was doing. I told him that he did a great job and that he could rest and have a drink he told me that im generous and had a coke at the end of my bed.
I grabed my phone and replied to a few of my msg's i had got as i sat and texted i opened my legs so tom could see everything. I wasnt wearing any knickers. He stared and then asked me if he could use the restroom quickly i said yes. He was taking a while so i went to see what he was up to.
As i stood by the door i could hear him grunting so i opened the door and saw he was ************ he paniked and tried to put his penis back in but it was too big.

I smiled and walked up to him. I touched his **** and assured him that it was fine i massaged it lovely **** and then threw my dressing gown on the floor so he could see my bare naked body i was wet and ready for his **** :)
He couldnt get to me fast enough.. He sucked and bite my ****. He loved buring his face in my **** i didnt mind i love it. I loved the feel of his hot, warm sexy face.
We have sex, i sucked him and he sucked me and fingered me. We also has anal and oral sex :D It was great i enjoyed it.
He had told me i was his best customer and that he is gonna miss me i told him not to worry as im comming bak soon!

And i will be back their the first chance i get.
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will you also helping your Friends in the same way?

Yes of course ;)

Thank you for this compliments for friends. Lets share some time

damn i will service your room any day - your amazing

Hehe :) thanks for the comment hun, &Glad u enjoyed it :] ..Have a quick read thru my other experience and keep the comments comming :D Much appriciated.

Great story! Thanks for sharing.

Glad u liked it ;)