Ever since I was little, I would always try & help out. It started with little things like holding doors open or pulling out chairs. As I grew older, I would offer to wash cars, fix computers, etc. I helped a family friend paint his awning, subdued an overgrown backyard, & even helped build a home. Just the way I was raised I guess.
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That's very kind of you! :) You're a gentlemen. I've heard the ladies like that. ;) XD

im kinda the same way i really enjoy helping people when i can. and i got the chance about 2 yrs ago when i was visiting my cousin in Virginia. i was out one mourning having a run when i saw this older woman limping and using a stick as a crutch. so i helped her any way i could so she could home. and the feeling that follow was amazing but i can't really put that feeling into words

Oh yeah? Good for you Bemmie, & I know what you mean. It's an awesome feeling.

Aww what a wonderful soul! Bless you. You take advantage of our compassion and you can achieve anything your heart desires!

Thanks man, I really appreciate it.