I Enjoy Helping But Sometimes People Take For Granted

I was trying to figure out what to post for my first story on EP. I then received a message from a friend of my cousins.

Cousin said you are going to take homecoming pictures for her is it ok if I bring my kids? I had been asked where was a good place and I was asked if I would mind. I had said I can you just need to tell me when and where and if I am available I will. Where this bothers me is that plans were being made without discussing it with me. I had not been told the date or the time. While I love taking pictures and helping my family out, I often feel taken for granted. It has become to be expected that I will arrange to assit. Which in all honesty is probably my fault. But this really bothered me. I of course said yes, that I would need to know the date and time.

I was brought up to help. I have been accused of being too helpful sometime. A friend recently had a tragedy happen in their family. There was nothing I could do to make things better but I could help. I made sure while they were dealing with their tragedy that they did not have to worry about food, drinks, keeping house straightene up, and items needed from the store. It is what I knew I could do to help with the situation. It was also the right thing to do.

It brings me such joy to see the relief or happiness on someones face when I help them. Often it is the help you can give someone that makes them feel the best.

And while I chose this story to vent a bit about being taken for granted ... I probably would not have it any other way. The kids are always very appreciative and I enjoy doing it.

I think my Mom and Dad brought me up pretty well... To be as helpful as I can
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yes i understand too well the feeling of being taken advantage of for being the helpfull one. But i still consider it to be the best way, you can allways look at yourself in the mirror and know you were doing a good thing

Yes you are being taken advantage, but you are all the better person for who you are. It's those that come to you for tasks, favors and help that need to do a bit of self examination.