I Worry About My Ep Friends

I get very worried about my EP friends. Some have become very near and dear to me. I try to be there for them as best as I can, and when they hurt, I hurt. I wish I had the answers and the resources to help them, more than just offering some kind words and friendly advice. But I can barely dig myself out of the ditch I find myself in...Sometimes I feel helpless, it's like watching someone drowning but not knowing how to swim....I just want them to be happy and enjoy the life that rightly belongs to them....why do people that say they love us try to do us harm? I will never, ever understand that~ all I can do is pray and offer my hand when it helps~
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I think many feel the same here, when you have been on EP long enough to form good friends you do feel a need to help even more. Im sure your good intentions don't go unnoticed.

The most wise in life is the ability to know on what you should not pay attention. You need to filter your "friends", i also take too close to my heart all my friend's stories, troubles and trying to support as i can, but before that i act carefully bse also was hurt much in the past. Now i have only a few true friends but they are like i'd have 100... this is more important.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english. ))

Some times a carer needs help as I know so as you look out for your friends then if you'll let me I'll be there for you.

Don't ever underestimate what some kind words and encouragement can do for some one.

Thats what makes you a good friend, a good man, and just a down right good person....may you never change.